Allsafe Coatings – Anti-Slip, Decorative, Functional and Durable Floor Coatings

Allsafe’s 30 years of Industry Experience, guarantees you, the BEST & CORRECT solution to your problem floor.

Allsafe’s 30 years of Industry Experience provides services from small chemical resistant Bund protection, food grade kitchens, warehouses, heavy duty flooring for Blast Freezers, to all sectors of industrial and commercial. Allsafe has a wealth of knowledge at your disposal.

Why Choose Allsafe?
Whether your project is large or small, you can be confident of Allsafe’s recommendations & application procedure.

Why? Because Allsafe guarantees its work, having full EBA compliance you can rest assured Allsafe Coatings offer professional and high quality services. Having successfully performed works for Industry Icons, Allsafe knows the cost of down time & the inconvenience of repeat works. So, whilst you can be confident because of Guaranteed works, you can relax too, because it’s unlikely you’ll ever need it.