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Protective Coatings

Allsafe Coatings has an extensive knowledge and background in protective coatings for all industry and commercial purposes. Our protective coating solutions are durable, low maintenance and generally resin based. The advantages of using resin-based systems are that they are abrasion and impact resistant, anti-slip and high quality.
Allsafe Coatings has provided protective coatings for a range of different businesses and industries such as:

  • Industrial and Commercial Premises
  • Sporting Pavilions and Amenities
  • Warehouses
  • Commercial Kitchen Floors
  • Food Industries
  • Carparks

Our protective coatings are seamless, and we use high quality products to ensure the durability of all our flooring systems. The protective coatings with anti-slip properties will ensure the safety of your customers, staff and general traffic.

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