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Flooring Types & Services Overview

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The Problems

  • If you’re in food production, you’ll know how Food Acids eat away at concrete & inferior coatings!
  • Manufacturers know how impact damage can fracture & break floor surfaces.
  • Those who run fork lifts see the damage caused along construction joints.
  • Rising Damp can cause most coatings to peel & lift.
  • Wet floors, are a large problem, as they can be slippery and cause accidents.
  • Hygiene problems & odour can occur in toilet blocks.
  • Chemical attacks happen in many industries!
  • Extremes of temperature can crack & ruin concrete

The Solutions Vary

  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Anti Slip Systems, on walkways, steps, ramps
  • Decorative Patterns, with Built-in Safety, including Multi Coloured Chip Systems, & Exposed Aggregate
  • Colour Tints & wide range of Bright Colours, or Clear Sealers which enhance the natural appeal of concrete
  • Epoxy Roll Coats, or Self Leveling Systems & Trowel Applications, including Grading to Drains
  • All with chemical & temperature resistance
  • Flexible systems where movement is present
  • Hygienic Applications, with Built-in Anti Microbial systems

Allsafe can repair:

  • Construction (Expansion) Joints, & fill them effectively
  • Damaged Coves, or Build new
  • Jolt & Trip Hazards
  • Voids, cracks & holes in your concrete
  • Spalled & Eroded Concrete Floors


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